This is my way of working and teaching in workshops, lectures and private sessions:

My Tantra path begun thirty years ago in India. Searching for spiritual essential oils l came in contact with the teachings of Yogi Bhajan from the white Tantric movement wherein l was initiated in Tantric meditation.
White Tantra is a very spiritual pathway wherein the main focus is detaching the ego and search for the true self through tantric meditation and exercises. It is to feel good, be good and do good purifying body and mind.
After that l begun to integrate it into embodiment and sexuality thru pink tantra, meaning connecting with others thru love, consciousness, connection and awakening the life energy by working on the chakras.
Breathing, movement, massage, rituals and meditations are important to connect with other soul and are all heart oriented, this makes it very expanding, energetic and intimate.
Being a clinical aromatherapist and psychologist in my practice l have lots to do with sexual healing.
Mainly speaking l work in tantra with male clients with sexual or self development problems such as premature ejaculation, erection problems, abuse, incapacity to give or receive love among others.
My female clients are mostly related to rejection, solitude, abuse, anxiety and fear.
For me tantra is a spiritual path that integrates fully body, mind and soul.
My aim is to help myself and others develop the full potential as a human being within their masculinity or femininity.
With breath techniques, massage, anointing, meditation, aromatherapy, music therapy, touch and others you can balance both forces within you in a truly holistic manner.
For me it is very important to learn and teach how to be compassionate, accepting, loving, helping, forgiving in practicing tantra where the heart chakra is being opened and healed.
That’s pure and deep transformation.
This is my way of working and teaching in workshops, lectures and private sessions.


Best regards, Jonathan